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The Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement innovates science education in Virginia and beyond by promoting hands-on, problem based learning that empowers teachers and engages students.

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1 hour, 36 minutes agoSo cool! RT @mikewhitmore: @NASA just e-mailed a wrench to the ISS. http://t.co/drrTZa8CLf

2 hours, 39 minutes agoRT @ErinDeLuga: The Nano Tree! #STEM #holidaycheer @ketchup29 @STEMLdr @delmuro_whsnano @SisiWHS214 @District214 http://t.co/yT0L9vWHxt

5 hours, 36 minutes agoChemistree. Get it, chemistree?! Ha! http://t.co/Nm8wcUK6uZ #chemistry #sciencejoke #science #christmas



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