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Patrick Linehan is the Principal Investigator for the Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA). He continues to hold responsibilities as its Chief Operating Officer, a position he has held since April 2012. Dr. Linehan has over 36 years of experience in policy development and program management in the federal government, primarily the Department of Defense. Pat is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel whose last assignment in the Army was as the Product Manager for the Improved Army Tactical Missile System, an advanced technology Major Defense Acquisition Program. Pat has a Bachelor of Science from West Point and a PhD in Public Policy from George Mason University. Pat is also a former school board member for the City of Manassas Public Schools.

Juanita Jo Matkins (Co-PI) is an Associate Professor of Science Education at the College of William & Mary, 2010 President of the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, and a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching. She has been PI or Co-PI on 11 grants for STEM student and teacher preparation and served in leadership capacities on ten other grants focused on STEM teacher preparation; to date she has been directly involved with grants totaling over $8 million. Dr. Matkins will provide leadership for the College of William & Mary components of VISTA, serve as liaison with school divisions in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and will oversee coordination with other sites.

Jacqueline T. McDonnough (Co-PI) is an Associate Professor of Science Education and Director of the Center for Life Sciences Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. McDonnough is the PI of a National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship grant and has an impressive record of research in the areas of preparing secondary science teachers for service in high need schools and best practices for teaching science to English Language Learners (ELL). She will lead the VCU regional component and provide expertise in adapting science instruction for limited English proficiency to the statewide partners.

Chris Mystkowski is the Distance Education Coordinator of VISTA at George Mason University.

Jorge M. Trasmonte is the Database Developer/System Analyst of VISTA at George Mason University.

Beverly Johnson is VISTA's Administrative Assistant/Event Coordinator.

Decardra Jackson is the Director of VISTA Operations at George Mason University.

Arthur Polton is VISTA's Curriculum Specialist and Instructional Coach at VISTA's George Mason University site

Molli Logerwell, PhD operates as a Secondary Teacher Program instructor at VISTA's George Mason university site.

Vicky Reid is the Director of VISTA Operations at the College of William & Mary.

Anne Mannarino is the Curriculum Specialist of VISTA at the College of William & Mary.

Myra Borchardt is the Fiscal Specialist at the College of William & Mary.

Tekita Blackwell is the Assistant Curriculum Specialist at the College of William & Mary.

Elizabeth Edmondson is the Director of VISTA Operations at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Suzanne Kirk is the Assistant Curriculum Specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jenn Arce is the Curriculum Specialists at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Elizabeth Kirk is the Curriculum Specialists at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Sue Magliaro (Co-PI) is a professor of education specializing in Educational Psychology. Dr. Magliaro has been awarded over $1.8 million in sponsored programs, serving as the co-principal investigator (co-PI) on a Virginia Department of Education Clinical Faculty Grant for over 10 years. In addition to teaching educational psychology courses at Virginia Tech’s School of Education for many years, she served the Director of School of Education and an Associate Dean for Professional Education in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences until 2012. She currently serves at the director of VT-STEM, the university's K-12 STEM Outreach Initiative.

Amy Bordeaux is the Director of VISTA Operations at Virginia Tech. She holds a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech and a PhD in Science Leadership from Mason. She has had a life-long career as a science educator teaching grades K- 8 in Fairfax County, VA, Maryland, D.C., overseas in Brussels Belgium, and graduate school science methods at GMU. She previously served as a VISTA coach.

Anita Deck is the curriculum specialist of VISTA at Virginia Tech. A former public school teacher with 13 years of experience, she holds bachelor's degrees in biology and education, the latter with specializations in general science, chemistry, physics, and biology, from Concord University. She also holds a master's degree in science education from West Virginia University. At present, Anita is pursuing a doctorate in Integrative STEM Education with a cognate in Instructional Design and Technology from Virginia Tech.

Gloria Kiernan is the Fiscal Specialist at Virginia Tech.

Ashleigh Price is a Graduate Assistant at Virginia Tech.

David E. Long is Research Faculty at George Mason University, and internal Implementation Researcher for VISTA. Dr. Long directs the VISTA Research Group, including ethnographic, qualitative, and quantitative assessments of teacher and administrator identity, political contexts of implementing science education, and the American relationship to science generally.

Kim Cherry is interested in examining effective professional development for 3rd - 5th grade teachers in mathematics and science using inquiry based instructional based practices and the 5E learning cycle model.

Fahima Choudhry joined VISTA in February 2012. Her her research interests are in inquiry based learning and problem based learning in elementary and middle schools.

Dori Hargrove is specializing in Mathematics Education Leadership and Policy. Her research interests include equity in STEM education and 21st century learning. She works full time as a Mathematics Specialist in a Title 1 school and is a part-time GRA with VISTA.

Andrew Keck is a Science Education researcher who is interested in examining teacher views and beliefs toward science.

Danielle Kittrell is specializing in science education research and her VISTA research interests include inquiry based and hands-on science learning in elementary schools.

Kim Morrow Leong is interested in the studying the impact that VISTA coaching services have on the beliefs and practices of the teachers supported by the program. By observing and analyzing interactions between coaches and their teachers, we are identifying the most effective coaching practices for developing teachers' pedagogical content knowledge, as well as for supporting their use of inquiry-based science lessons.

Cheryl O'Connor is specializing in education policy and her VISTA research interests include exploring the roles and influences of administrators and policies on science teaching. She also uses her background in Geographic Information Systems to add a geographic dimension to VISTA research.

Kris Pachla is currently interested in exploring the efficacy of Distance Learning and its relation to Science teacher professional development.

Susan Poland is specializing in science education research. She is interested in perceptions of the nature of science and creativity in science among the general population, science professionals, and students of science.

Mainlehwon Vonhm is a Liberian national. He holds a MPhil in Education Research from the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Mainlehwon's interest in STEM education is derived from a desire to use modern science technology and improved science teaching strategies to help developing countries, most especially post-conflict societies, to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to help rebuild their nation. Most importantly he is interested in the VISTA Concept of science teaching and implementation and how such methods could help teachers in war torn countries be better teachers and help their pupils succeed.

Eric Pyle
Rajesh Ganesan
Harold A. Geller
Paul D. Heideman
Luiz Shozo Ozaki
Jennifer Suh

Randy L. Bell joins OSU as Associate Dean and Professor of Science Education in the College of Education. His science background includes a BS in Botany from Marshall University and a MS in Forest Ecology from Duke University. Dr. Bell's interest in sharing science with others led him to earn a teaching license and then teach science for six years in Lakeview, OR, where he was recognized as the Oregon Science Teachers Association's "New Science Teacher of the Year." Eventually, Dr. Bell's interest in educational research and science teacher preparation led him back to graduate school, where he earned the PhD in Science Education at OSU and subsequently accepted a position at the University of Virginia in 1999. For the past 13 years, Dr. Bell has been heavily involved in teaching preservice teachers, providing professional development for practicing teachers, and research and development related to teaching and learning about the nature of science and scientific inquiry. Dr. Bell also conducts research and develops resources for integrating technology into science teaching. Dr. Bell has maintained strong ties to public schools through a variety of collaborative projects. Most recently, he serves as co-PI on a 34 million-dollar US DOE-funded I3 project designed to provide research-based professional development to Virginia's elementary and secondary science teachers. The author of more than 100 articles, chapters and books, he has just completed his term as president of the Association for Science Teacher Education.

Timothy R. Konold is an Associate Professor and Director of the Research, Statistics, and Evaluation at the University of Virginia. Dr. Konold has been PI, Co-PI, and evaluator on grants from the U.S. Department of Education, NICHD Early Child Care, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation, and Annenberg Foundation. He will provide leadership to VISTA for design, database management, statistical analyses, and dissemination of findings..

Jennifer L. Maeng is the Director of University of Virginia Research and Evaluation Team.

Laurie Ashworth - Science Teacher, Martinsville Middle School, Martinsville, Virginia
Ryan Barber - Principal, Central Elementary School, Rockbridge, Virginia
Julia Cothron - Former Director, MathScience Innovation Center
George DeBoer - Director Project 2061, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Eric Rhoades - Director, Science & Health Education, Virginia Department of Education
Myra Thayer - Science Coordinator, Fairfax County Public Schools
Barbara Young - Science Specialist, Virginia Department of Education
Trina Spencer - Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, Virginia State University
Kianga Thomas - Assistant Professor of Education, Norfolk State University