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From Camp To Classroom

From Camp To Classroom

The children looked like they were playing in the stream. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that they were doing science!

Kathy Lamont’s science class was on a field trip. They were testing water and looking at different marine species. The kids scooped up tadpoles and other samples. One was a frog much larger than the others. The student who found it was so excited; she did some research and exclaimed: “That’s a bullfrog!”

The students ended up asking many of the same questions that Kathy had planned for in her lesson. Whenever the students’ questions didn't further the conversation on biodiversity, she directed their learning back toward the lesson plan.

Her lesson plan came directly from the VISTA workshop that she attended during the summer. "My advice for teachers this year would be to trust that what you did in camp really does mimic what will happen in your classroom."

Ultimately, Kathy's students not only got excited about the science they were learning, but they understood the material better. They needed very little review before the test and their grades were significantly higher than in the lesson plans without Problem Based Learning.

Watch Kathy in action!

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