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A High School Principal Speaks Out

A High School Principal Speaks Out

Antione Monroe, the principal of Central High School in Eastern Virginia, speaks out about how the VISTA Secondary Teaching Program for new middle and high school science teachers has benefitted not only his teachers, but also his entire school.

As someone who worked as a science teacher for ten years before becoming a high school principal, I believe that the development of exceptional science educators is accomplished only by offering proper support and superior guidance. This is an area in which VISTA excels.

I have witnessed the successful transformation of an average teacher into an exceptional teacher because of the support and guidance she received, particularly from her VISTA mentor teacher. Some may say this is not a big deal, but they would be wrong. With financially strapped school divisions decreasing mentorship programs, VISTA has filled the gap - especially in the smaller divisions.

VISTA has also improved my school’s standardized science test scores – we went from a 77 to an 87 percent pass rate in chemistry, and from a 67 to 78 percent pass rate in physical science. These numbers not only illustrate the teachers’ success in educating their students in science, but also Central High School’s overall success this year. I know that this is a direct correlation to our participation in VISTA.

With that being said I would recommend VISTA to any school principal working with science teachers early in their careers!

Click here for more information on the Secondary Teaching Program. The deadline to apply is August 22nd

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