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Pinterest for Educators

Pinterest for Educators

Have you noticed that a lot of educators are on Pinterest?  There is a very good reason for this phenomenon. Pinterest is a great way to collect and manage information in a visual way.

VISTA has just joined Pinterest. But what's it all about? 

Pinterest is often described as an online scrapbook. And, indeed, it can be used that way. It is basically an online scrapbook with clickable links!

As an educator, you can use Pinterest as a research tool, as a collaborative tool, or as a platform for professional development.

Research is important to all educators and Pinterest makes it fun! You can research everything from classroom decorating ideas to lesson plans - all of which are displayed visually. Everything thing on Pinterest is a picture or video, and most of these images represent clickable links to a webpage that hosts the picture and the information that goes with it.

Teachers can often be isolated from other teachers, but Pinterest is a great tool for collaborating!  Using tools like "Boards," where pinners (Pinterest users) can organize pins of like interest, educators can categorize information and share that information with other teachers. For example, if you have a board of problem-based lesson plans, you can easily share that with other pinners.

If you are looking for a fun way to get some online professional development, there are a lot of great Pinterest boards for that! The Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement has several great boards, as does Edutopia and the National Association for Science Teachers.

So join us today and add Pinterest to your professional development resources!


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