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New Science Coordinator Academy Wraps Up

VISTA's professional development academy for new science coordinators ended last week. The academy helps to innovate science education throughout Virginia!

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New School Year, New Teaching Vision

Crystal Meade, a fifth grade teacher at Boyce Elementary in Clarke County, is getting ready to use what she learned at VISTA's summer institute to increase her students’ achievement in science and develop their content knowledge...

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What is the Nature of Science?

What is the nature of science?  Science stands at the crossroads of empirical fact-finding, logic and imagination.  It occupies a space that allows for creativity and problem solving through the lens of experimentation and structured inquiry. The nature of science is a conduit through which we can bring the complex phenomena of the world within our very human grasp.


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Teachers: Check out the Virginia Science Festival!

Teachers have a unique opportunity to see science at work outside of the classroom with the first-ever BIOTeach event on October 9, 2014...

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Teaching about September 11 – An Elementary Book List

Books can help teachers broach difficult subjects from a variety of viewpoints...

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Pinterest for Educators

Have you noticed that a lot of educators are on Pinterest? There is a very good reason for this phenomenon. Pinterest is a great way to collect and manage information in a visual way. Pinterest is often described as an online scrapbook...

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Technology, Higher-Level Thinking, and Student Engagement

Brenda Muse, the principal of Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Southwest VA, tells us how VISTA helped one of her new science teachers utilize effective instructional methods and new technology in the classroom, which led to a student engagement level that “far surpassed that of the other classrooms”.

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From Full-Time Scientist to Full-Time Science Teacher

Mike Sturgill, a former physics teacher and current principal of Chilhowie High School in Southwest Virginia, wrote in to tell us about how VISTA benefited a professional scientist turned chemistry teacher working in his school. “I saw firsthand the benefits he experienced due to his participation in the program,” Sturgill exclaimed.

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Connecting Content: A Critical Component

Learning how to layer information, or connect content, is a critical skill for new teachers ...



A High School Principal Speaks Out

Antione Monroe, the principal of Central High School in Eastern Virginia, speaks out about how the VISTA Secondary Teaching Program for new middle and high school science teachers has benefitted not only his teachers, but also his entire school.

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