New Science Coordinator Academy (NSCA) FAQs

1. Who is eligible?

School division personnel who have been responsible for the development of primary and/or secondary science curricula and science teacher professional development in all schools in their district for five years or less are eligible to apply.

2. I have been a science coordinator for 4 years. Am I eligible?

Yes, those who have served as a division science coordinator for 5 years or less are eligible.

3. I am in charge of more than science curriculum and instruction for my school division. Am I eligible?

Yes, many of our participants are responsible for multiple content areas. You are eligible as long as you are responsible for elementary and/or secondary science curriculum and science-related professional development for your school division.

4. I am a middle and/or high school science department chair. Am I eligible?

In most cases, no. The New Science Coordinators Academy is designed for those in charge of science curriculum and professional development at the division, as opposed to the school, level. However, there are some smaller school divisions in which the middle and/or high school science department chair does have such responsibilities. If you are in such a situation, please contact us for more information.

5. When is the stipend paid?

The stipend will be paid in May upon receipt of documentation showing 40 hours of effort beyond contractual obligations to your district.

6. What are my responsibilities?

Participants need to:

  1. Fully participate in the academy, which meets three days in early-October and two days in mid-April,
  2. Attend the VSELA conference in the fall (usually November),
  3. Document 40 hours of effort beyond contractual obligations to your district if you would like the stipend, and
  4. Complete all data collection activities as requested by our evaluation team.