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Educators across Virginia are turning to VISTA for access to resources and ongoing professional development opportunities. From problem-based learning units to inquiry-based classroom activities – we also provide a variety of resources that teachers can use in the classroom and beyond. These resources adhere to VISTA’s best practices in science education.

Additionally, we bring teachers together through MyVista (coming soon) - our online, statewide science teacher portal, complete with discussion groups and interactive communities where you can share your latest instructional resource / lesson plan, discuss educational policy, or just talk about your day.

What's more, VISTA offers the latest in research, expertise and trends on science education in Virginia and beyond. And our ongoing achievements in innovating science education speak for themselves.

Last but not least, our lively blog and social media community keep you up to date and in the loop.

We’re innovating. We’re sharing. We’re growing. And we invite you to join us.