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Contact us to support VISTA in innovating science education! 

VISTA has completed three years of our five- year grant program and we’re making progress on all of our program goals. Check out our annual corporate report for more info!    

VISTA is a public-private partnership supported by some of the leading names in science and technology, names like Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Micron. In Feb. 2014, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce highlighted VISTA as an excellent example of a nonprofit that has successfully built strong corporate partnerships.

In order for VISTA to continue innovating science education, we rely on funding from partners who understand that our future workforce will be powered by qualified graduates who excel in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Unfortunately, elementary and secondary school students in the U.S. are not up to par with their peers in other industrialized nations. The decline in student STEM achievement and the diminishing number of U.S. citizens entering the STEM workforce has been well documented, which is why innovative programs like VISTA are more critical than ever as we search for ways to keep our state and country competitive in an increasingly global economy.

VISTA innovates science education in Virginia and beyond by promoting hands-on, problem based learning that empowers teachers and engages students. We launch a child’s lifelong interest in using science to change the world by encouraging a broader community-driven approach to scientific problem solving that leads to long-term improvements to technology, our environment, public health, and society itself.

VISTA has received the endorsement of Virginia governors and state leaders in education, the Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition, the Virginia Science Education Leadership Association, and the Virginia Association of Science teachers, among others.

As a VISTA partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Publically sponsor elements of the VISTA program
  • Receive exposure through high-profile events and earned media coverage
  • Reach Virginia educators through our extensive network of teachers and administrators
  • Utilize STEM subject area experts from VISTA and from our corporate and legislative allies
  • Reach educators, parents and children through your participation in VISTA’s summer “kids camps” and in other annual statewide events.
  • Receive twice-a-year executive briefings on VISTA’s progress and ongoing reports detailing the results of VISTA’s education programs.

Contact us today to support VISTA in innovating science education.