What Others are Saying

“Preparing Virginia students to enter the 21st century STEM workforce is a top priority in Virginia….[VISTA] is a very ambitious initiative that could make a substantial difference in the way science is taught in Virginia schools.” VA Senator Mark Warner 

“At a time when science and technology fields are among the fastest growing sectors of the economy, with some of the highest average salaries, the need to ensure exposure to these career opportunities is vital for Virginia's students. VISTA is designed to do just that: provide a community of support for sustained, intensive science teacher professional development in Virginia.” Former VA Governor Bob McDonnell 

“We agree that supporting teachers and leaders through effective professional learning opportunities is the most effective method of increasing student achievement in science….We believe that this innovative opportunity will enhance science instruction and increase student learning. The investment this project will make in both teachers and science leaders, using research­ based methods, will have a significant impact on teaching and learning in Virginia.” Eric M. Rhodes as former President of the Virginia Science Education Leadership Association (now Director of the Office of Science and Health Education, Virginia Dept. of Education)  

“By increasing the skills of our teachers, students in Virginia will benefit for many years. I am pleased that this project is based on the strong empirical evidence that you [the VISTA program] have amassed in your research on science teaching and learning.” – Former VA Secretary of Education Gerard Robinson 

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